The Top Three Pets for Seniors and Why

Gigi my dog

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Yep! That’s my lil’ GiGi – she’s the perfect pet for a senior like me in my seventies!

The right pet can be a source of joy, companionship, and even improved health!

Whether it’s your first time considering a pet or you’ve spent a lifetime caring for them, nothing quite equals the benefits of having a pet to love and share your home and life with.

But which are the best pets suited for a senior lifestyle? I’m glad you asked!

The Top Three Pets for Seniors

cats as pets for seniorsCats: The Low-Maintenance Pals

  • Ideal for indoors
  • Require Minimal Grooming
  • Provide affection & stress relief

‘Cats are known for their independence and can be perfect for seniors who enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle’  Pet Health Network

Small Dogs: Big Hearts in Small Packages

  • Offer companionship and security
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Ideal for manageable size & gentle temperament

‘Smaller dog breeds are often easier to care for, making them great companions for senior citizens,’  American Kennel Club

Birds: Fine Feathered Friendsbirds as pets for seniors

  • Require minimal space
  • Stimulate mental engagement through interaction
  • Species like Canaries known for low maintenance and soothing sounds

Birds can be wonderful pets for seniors, offering companionship without the need for extensive daily care.’  PetMD

May your home include furry & feathered friends!


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