Mike Halperin - aged 71 - living in San Francisco Bay Area, CA

I had an amazing career life with many entrepreneurial ventures including being a scientist, contractor, financial planner, restaurant owner, mobile home park owner, and much more.

More significantly however, I have led an exciting life characterized by hedonism and adventure.  Which was great for action & fun but not so good for my health.

I retired in my late forties and moved to Baja, Mexico.

I had never visited a doctor. Was always strong and invincible. Ask anyone.

After ten years in Mexico, I returned to the states. Another fifteen years clipped by with me still playing loose with my health.

Then, covid hit and everyone started focusing on health. Me too.

I decided to face the music and spent the next year and half resolving a total of thirteen major medical issues I had accumulated.

That included several surgeries, numerous procedures, and a whole lot of doctor visits. It became my job. My passion.

Now, here I am with the doctors telling me I am all repaired & strong as an ox - in pretty good health (as long as I continue caring for myself).

I've learned a lot, but more importantly discovered a whole world of information on new medicines, technologies, and approaches to keeping great health.

And, I wanted to share all that for others in a similar place as I am and have been.

I hope to provide some camaraderie for those interested by sharing information I scour from the internet & my research. And hope this site is one you look to for news, entertainment, and a special perspective of how to keep your health at it's optimum.